Four Things to Consider Before Making a Garden

Oftentimes, the road to gardening is not an easy one. Cultivating and nurturing plants take time, effort, perseverance, patience, and knowledge. To be able to prepare oneself for such a tedious grind, you must equip yourself with the necessary arsenals to be able to conceive a “foliage of life.” Consider the following before making your very own garden:


Not all places are endowed with a rich, fertile soil where plants can easily grow. Some are sandy, which absorbs water, dries up quickly, and does not retain nutrients well. Others, such as clay, are heavy and susceptible to water retention. However, you can turn a lifeless plot into a healthy bed of earth through a method called “composting”. This is a method of mixing decaying vegetation and manure to be used as fertiliser to grow plants and vegetation.


Besides a good location, your garden needs the sun’s energy. Plants need to exploit the said energy to perform “photosynthesis,” which keeps them nourished. However, it should be noted that not all plants need the sun. You may want to research about which plants should be placed on shadier plots.

Your Needs

Planting more than what you need which may pose difficulty if ever you decide on growing new plants. It is preferable to create a diversity in your garden so that it can provide for your needs, especially a daily, healthy and organic dose of herbs or spices.

Watering System

Refer to your maintenance schedule and adapt a watering system that would help you in cultivating your garden. You can install sprinklers and use a water hose for an easier and wider coverage. If you want to save money, you can use stagnant waters at home or residual water from your laundry.

Gardening is the embodiment of a man’s desire to be one with nature to drink in her kindness, beauty, and abundance at her bosom. However, you need to put some effort into growing and maintaining it.


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